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Ghatlhwi' Out Post 49

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 fellow Trek fans.

as i'm retooling the site and our fandom is starting to take a decline it is time to put all of our fandom into one basket and try to perserve our fun in the realm of Star trek. The outpost came from a idea that we are a lonely truck stop out in the middle of no where ie DS9. So you can see other chapters that are in your area where you live. so any other Trek related chapters that are out there please email us Thanks.

Our Outpost billboard data base is up for fanned run chapter better know as "mini Chapters" that are still active in the midwest which are outposts,scout class ships that membership is under 5 members.although there are a few chapter that have a large body people that are also here as well.

One simple rule "NO Ghost Membership" of any kind. please.

latest issue of the Mindscanner #79 is up with a very good write up by it's kag members on how to breath life back into the Klingon fandom of things to come.

The Ghatlhwi' Chapter and workshop is on idle intill further notice but will open up when the weather gets better.

"new "for the site will be a federation page for the chapters that are in the region of the mid american.

Some People are saying we no longer do Bat'leghs or Foreheads well your Wrong we still do. if there is something you would like to have done just ask.

Our Prices as follows

All Foreheads $50.00 ea.

STD Bat'legh $75.00

Kah'less $100.00 "fully decorated"

Kah'less $80.00 "simplfiied"

"NEW" Morlar $80.00 crossed between Kah'less and a STD Bat'legh.

Outpost personel Lartoq&Jo'chiyn HoDur.
































































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